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Drain Maintenance is a Necessary Chore

/Drain Maintenance is a Necessary Chore
Drain Maintenance is a Necessary Chore 2018-06-26T05:22:33+00:00

Every tool needs to be maintained properly to do the job it was designed to do. Drains are no different. A drain is just a tool to carry water and waste from one place to another. People often take drains for granted. They feel that once a drain is installed, it can be forgotten about and simply left to do its job.

Yet silt and scale from water deposits build up on the walls of drains and fat and grease can add to the narrowing of the drain, further hampering its ability to maintain the optimum rate of flow. Tree roots can also invade a drain as they seek water, further clogging and damaging the walls of the drain.

Performing Regular Drain Maintenance is the Best Rule to Follow

By keeping an eye on the flow rate of your drains you can quickly judge how often they should undergo cleaning and maintenance. Staying on top of a programme of regular maintenance can extend the life of your drain and negate the need for a major replacement of the drain for many years.

How the Professionals Clean Drains

Professionals in the plumbing and drainage business use sewer jet compressors to clean and maintain drains. These compressors are able to shoot a rod through your drain to the source of the clog by using rear-facing water jets to propel the rod forward.

Once the rod has reached the source of the clog, forward facing water jets are able to break up and dislodge the clog. Once the rod has passed through the clog, the rear-facing jets take over to push the clog material backwards out of the drain.

These tools use up to 5000psi of air power to propel the water jets. The professionals also use colour CCTV cameras to perform a visual inspection of the drain and make sure that no clogs remain. These cameras also give the drain specialists a clear image of any damage the drain might have gotten due to the clog.

Homeowners are Responsible for their Drains until Connection with the Public Sewer

Many homeowners are not aware that they actually are responsible for their drains until the point where they connect with a public sewer. This means that if you have a home that sits on a large piece of property, you might be responsible for many metres of sewage drains.

It will be well worth your while to keep your drains running smoothly. The cost of having to dig up a significant length of a sizable-diameter drain and replace it could cost you much more than you bargained for.

Having a comprehensive, periodic maintenance programme for your drainage system will give you peace of mind when the rainy season comes as well. Spending a little on prevention is much better than spending a lot on a cure.