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We are Able to Fix Hot Water Systems Quickly

/We are Able to Fix Hot Water Systems Quickly
We are Able to Fix Hot Water Systems Quickly 2018-06-26T05:29:49+00:00

Few things are worse to wake up to on a cold morning than the discovery that your hot water system has died at some point during the night. Not only will you be faced with unappealing thought of having to brave a freezing spray of water in order to have your morning shower, you will also be worried about when you’ll once again be able to enjoy a hot shower.

At Maintain Plumbing, we might not be able to do much about the immediate cold shower problem. However, if you are willing to put your shower on hold, the good news is that we can have your hot water system up and running in as little as a day, depending on the problem.

We can dispatch a plumbing expert to quickly diagnose your hot water system’s problem and provide you with fast answers and a remedy to your problem.

The Three Most Popular Types of Hot Water Systems

Hot water systems generally fall into one of three categories. Most hot water systems typically heat an insulated tank of water up to a temperature of about 49º Celsius. The tanks contain sensors which monitor the temperature of the water in the tank and turn on the heating elements when the temperature falls below a certain temperature.

It’s the way that they go about providing the heat that makes each system different. The three most popular types are electric, gas and heat pump hot water systems.

Electric Hot water systems use a coil heated electrically to provide the heat to the tank. A gas hot water system uses flames to heat the water and a heat pump system uses the surrounding warm air to heat the water. While heat pumps are generally used in warmer or tropical climates, they can be used in temperate climates as well.

The Problems That Can Occur with Hot water Systems

The good news is that very rarely is the water tank itself the source of the problem. The main problem areas are generally the sensors or the heating elements. This is why they generally can be fixed within a day.

When you call Maintain Plumbing, we will ask you what type of hot water system you have and if possible, the brand name and model number of the unit. We will also ask if there is any leakage.

Then we will simply load our vehicle with the necessary parts and tools to address the problems that your particular type of hot water system can develop and pay you a visit. Whatever the problem is with your water heater, rest assured that we can fix it or replace it quickly. You’ll be able to once again enjoy your morning shower before you know it.