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Burleigh Heads Plumber at Your Service – Call 1800 236 826

Are you searching for a local plumber in Burleigh Heads? With over 30 years of personal experience as a hands-on plumber and working on the Gold Coast we have developed a reputation for being genuine, honest and delivering very fair prices. Here’s what else you receive when you phone us:

1. When you call you are speaking directly with the owners.

2. As the owners we do all the work.

3. If we can’t fix it we won’t charge you.

4. Honest prices, honest workmanship.

5. On time, fast and reliable first time, every time!

As a plumber with more than thirty years in the trade around the Burleigh area I’ve seen and heard it all when it comes to hiring a plumber. Sadly I’ve had to repair work carried out by other plumbers that simply should not be in business. Sometimes the public are tricked by the offer of a cheap quote however such cheap quotes can cost you more in the long run.

Always Get a Written Quote:
It’s happened to us all where a  plumber will give you a price only to change more at the end of the job. This leaves us feeling cheated and annoyed. It’s important as a plumber I reveal to you all costs including potential costs that sometimes pop up due to unseen circumstances. Honestly is the best policy and I’ve carried that rule in business for longer than I remember.

If you too would like a genuine and honest quote, feel welcome in calling us today and I will personally come out and write up a quote for you that you can then consider in your own time. If you are happy with my quote you can let me know or call me when you’re ready to make a time for us to care for the plumbing at your premises.

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